Tuesday – Erie Canal

I’m writing this from home, but let me continue on the adventure:

Saturday – Palmyra has showers! – visable in background:

Palmyra tieup

Palmyra tieup

A few other boats come by in the evening.

Other boats in Palmyra

Other boats in Palmyra

All of these boats are cruisers on the canal. In front of me is a 25′ boat with two people aboard – just the right size. In front of that a cabin cruiser. In front of that a rental canal barge with two couples aboard.Seems like I’m one of the smaller boats.

Sunday – Another gorgeous day! I’m asked “What’s the best section of the canal?” It’s all good. If you want shopping, I’d select the more westward portion. Maybe it’s a little more open for scenery on the western half too.

Did I mention the impromptu race with a riding lawnmower? I don’t want to talk about the results.

I wash dishes with canal water, but don’t drink it. People don’t swim in the canal but do in Onedia lake and Cross lake. I toss gray water (dishwater) overboard but porti potti waste gets dumped in toilets or marina facilities.

9:10am – lock thru E30 in Macedon. Good size fish are jumping in the lock. Wonder if they know they’re locking thru?

10:20am – I barely fit under the lift bridge in Fairport. The bridge is sloped and I can squeeze under the south end. Otherwise it would be a call to have the bridge raised.

noon: I’m at the end of the line for me in Pittsford, just outside Rochester.



Very busy town with tourists on a Sunday. Shops, eateries, canal rides. Accross from me:

Pittsford across the canal

Pittsford across the canal

There’s a good launching ramp in town so I can haul out. Lots of antics to go thru. Friends Lou and Barb stop by next morning, we all have breakfast, and they take me to car rental in Rochester. I drive back east across the state to Waterford, return the car, drive my truck and trailer west across the state (NY Thruway), load my boat, and crash for the nite.

Tuesday I drive east again across NY and continue on home.

Goodbye folks  - thanks Lou for the photo

Goodbye folks – thanks Lou for the photo

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